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Sustainable Economy

Photo: Lund University

Knowledge about economic development, growth, trade and resource distribution is central to reducing poverty and reaching the global sustainable development goals. The research field of “sustainable economy” includes questions of, for example, the relationship between economic transformation and poverty reduction, energy use, emissions trading, innovation and entrepeneurship, and consumption trends in various social contexts. 

Research at Lund University deals with:

  • The relationships between growth, resource distribution and poverty in developing countries
  • Long-term use of energy in relation to economic growth
  • Sociocultural consumption trends in relation to sustainable development
  • Globalization, trade and national CO2 emissions
  • Innovation and entrepeneurship in the field of energy
  • Modelling of energy and economic growth
  • Significant innovations for sustainable development
  • Standardization of sustainable cities and vehicles
  • The economy of bioenergy within the agricultural and silvicultural sectors


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