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Organisations in the sustainability area

Student organisations at Lund University

Hållbart universitet

Hållbart universitet (HU) is a non-profit environmental sustainability organization for students. HU also functions as an umbrella organisation for a network of several sustainability organisations and projects. Hållbart Universitet also organizes various types of social and academic events each semester. Everything from DIY-events and workshops for climate posters, to sustainability-themed lectures to clothes swaps.

Website Hållbart universitet


Klimatstudenterna is a student organisation focusing on helping universities to rapidly cut down their emissions, in line with climate research. The organisation also arranges various events such as lectures and workshops. 

Facebook page Klimatstudenterna

Collect and Affect

A working-group under HU, which works for a cleaner litter-free environment. Collect and Affect organises various events such as litter picking or different lectures on themes related to recycling and waste reduction.

Facebook page Collect and Affect

Lunds universitets Politiska och Ekonomiska Förening (LUPEF)

LUPEF is a politically and religiously non-affiliated organisation for all students with an interest in politics, economics and public debate. The organisation aims to guard student interests and to stimulate political and economic debate at Lund University

Website LUPEF


Works to promote sexual health on both a physical, emotional and social level. The organisation also aims to increase respect and understanding towards various secualities, and to promote social sustainability.

Website to Project6

Sustainable Future Hub

A collaboration hub for students, researchers and external actors focusing on economic and social sustainability. Catalyzes projects and collaborations where different actors can work together to drive development in the area of sustainability.

Website Sustainable Future Hub

Lund Sustainable Engineers

A free-standing student organization focusing on engineering students. Arranges lectures, seminars and discussions themed around sustainable development, the environment and ethics.

Sustainable Engineers Facebook Page

Engineers without borders

Engineers Without Borders’ local group in Lund is open for both students and professionals regardless of their background. Everyone who wants to contribute and actively improve the world are welcome to join.

Engineers without borders on Facebook


The Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund (abbreviated to UPF Lund from its Swedish name, Utrikespolitiska Föreningen) provides a space for students and those interested in exploring the world of politics and foreign affairs. UPF has eight working committees open for all members to join and often host lectures.

Website (UPF) at Lund University

Oikos Lund

Oikos is an international student organisation for sustainability within the fields of economics and management education. The organisation arranges for example conferences, lectures, contests and other initiatives with the potential to develop teaching and research within economics and management.

Website Oikos Lund

Student Nations

Blekingska Nation

The Blekingska Nation is the place for live music in Lund. We have hosted live acts such as Silvana Imam, Broder Daniel, Junior Brielle and Alphaville. We also have pubs on Wednesdays and Fridays, sittings, and not least our Sunday brunch! For us, the idea of sustainability means a focus on the locally produced. This applies to everything from our sittnings where we have a collaboration with local farmers through the organization Rekoring to our beer where we have a wide range of Swedish beers, not least from Karlshamn. We also work a lot with vegetarian food in pubs and sittings so we can treat ourselves to meat when it truly adds to the experience. Do you have ideas on how we can advance our sustainability work? Come and get active!

Website Blekingska Nation

Helsingkrona Nation

Helsingkrona Nation is a student organization that aims to work for good relations between students during their studies in Lund. With almost 4,000 members, Helsingkrona is one of the organizations that form the core of Lund's student life. Thousands of people come to us every year to eat, socialize, and dance. 

Helsingkrona Nation has two environmental representatives who monitor the nation's environmental work, which is based on an environmental management system that includes the nation's regular activities. Examples of environmental aspects that are included in the work are food and beverages, disposable products, chemicals, printing and paper handling, suppliers, and financial investments. Through education and information for all active members, we ensure that sustainability is central in all parts of the nation's activities.

Website Helsingkrona Nation

External organisations in Lund with a focus on sustainability

ABC Sweden

ABC is a local non-profit organisation focusing on small-scale and long-sighted activities centred on environment, sustainability, fair trade, youth empowerment and waste reduction.’ ABC also functions as an umbrella organisation for several smaller projects and organisations..

Website ABC Sweden

Vi odlar!

Vi odlar! is a project group under ABC Sweden that works with urban gardening. The organisation takes care of its local urban gardens and also arranges various workshops on sustainable agriculture and gardening.

Facebook page Vi odlar

Bee the Change

A project group in collaboration between Hållbart Universitet and ABC that teaches people about pollination and beekeeping while promoting a richer biodiversity in Lund. Bee the Change also does its own honey farming.

Facebook page Bee the change

Circle Centre

Circle Centre is a non-profit organisation aiming to fight overconsumption while encouraging the sharing of both material items and knowledge. The organisation has a ‘Library of Things’ where members can borrow various items. The organisation also arranges various sustainability-themed events.

Website Circle Centre

EOS Cares

EOS Cares is the social sustainability-program of the local basket club IK EOS. The organisation works to promote social inclusivity and social sustainability through various types of activities.

Website EOS Cares

Extinction Rebellion Skåne

Extinction Rebellion (XR)  is an international organisation that demands government action to avoid a tipping point in the climate system and to stop biodiversity loss. XR uses civil nonviolent disobedience and various types of planned actions to raise awareness and activate government action.

Website Extinction Rebellion Skåne

Food Saving Lund

An organisation in collaboration between Hållbart Universitet and ABC, with the main aim of reducing food waste. Food Saving oes regular food pick-ups in and around Lund, storing it in food banks and sharing it among the community. The organisation also arranges various events themed around food waste and sustainability. 

Facebook page Food Saving Lund

Fridays For Future Lund

Fridays for Future is an international movement that organises demonstrations for the climate every Friday. The movement demands for an increased political focus on climate change.

Facebook page Fridays For Future Lund

FUF Lund

FUF is the organisation for development issues, with an aim to inform and create discussion regarding development and Sweden’s role in development work. FUF Lund also publishes magazine articles and arranges various events on development.

Website FUF Lund


Klimatprata! is a project led by Vardagens Civilkurage, and works with training individuals to have constructive everyday climate discussions. The organisation arranges various workshops and training sessions.

Website Klimatprata

Lunds FN-Förening

Lunds FN-Förening is a local UN-group in Lund. The organisation aims to inform and engage individuals on UN-related topics. The organisation in Lund arranges various lectures and seminars, and also works together with other UN-affiliated groups.

Website Lunds FN-Förening

Lunds Fältbiologer

Lund Fältbiologer is an organisation for kids and young people that focuses on outdoor activities and education about nature, while demanding protection of nature and climate.

Website Lunds Fältbiologer

Lunds Naturskyddsförening

Lunds Naturskyddsförening is part of Sweden’s Naturskyddsförening, that works with nature conservation, increased biodiversity and fighting climate change. The organisation has several smaller working groups, focusing on various aspects of sustainability.

Website Lunds Naturskyddsförening

PUSH Sverige

PUSH unifies different groups and individuals who are engaged in climate- and sustainability issues. The organisation functions as a large network for those who actively work for sustainability. 

Website PUSH Sverige