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About Sustainability Forum

The Sustainability Forum is Lund University’s umbrella organisation for strategic support and coordination for sustainability issues.

Our activities are based within the University’s Strategy for Sustainable Development, with the overarching premise that sustainable development is a fundamental pillar of education, research, collaboration and the development of the organisation. Promoting mutual learning between society and the university is an important part of our task. The Sustainability Forum provides a channel for stakeholders seeking collaboration, research support and knowledge-based information from Lund University. By also being a platform for student participation, the Sustainability Forum supports networks and initiatives that inspire students to engage in issues of sustainability.

Lund University Strategy for sustainable development 2019-2026

The mission of Sustainability Forum

  • To constitute a strategic support function to the core activities and all parts of Lund University to contribute to the realisation of the intentions in the Lund University Strategy for sustainable development 2019-2026. 
  • In collaboration with the Research Board, stimulate and encourage the development of challange-driven research on sustainability, which includes both interdisciplinary research that explicitly focuses on solving sustainability challenges as well as curiosity-driven research that strengthens the knowledge base needed in order to tackle sustainability-related challenges.
  • In collaboration with the Education Board and the Research Programmes Board, stimulate and encourage the integration of sustainability aspects into education at all levels, as well as to stimulate the development of new educational initiatives focused on sustainability.
  • Together with the greater society, promote mutual learning and development-driving innovation, as well as to facilitate identification of new needs of research and education for sustainable development.
  • Communicate and make visual Lund University research and education for sustainable development, as well as to contribute to coordinating sustainability-related communication within the university.
  • Contribute to creating interactions between students and between students and the university through organisational and practical support for sustainability-related student initiatives, networks and activities.
  • Serve as a reference group for the Environmental manager regarding matters of strategic importance for internal environmental and sustainability work.

Current mission updated 1 January 2021.

Steering committee

A steering committee has the overall responsibility for the operational focus of Sustainability Forum. The committee members serve as contact links to the university faculties and as a systematic support in decision-making for the organisation in sustainability related issues. The steering committee is the reference group for the Environmental manager of the university regarding matters of strategic importance for internal environmental and sustainability work. The Vice-Chancellor of Lund University decides on the constitution of the steering committee and the appointment of its chairperson.


  • Katarina Skalare

Members from faculties and similar

  • Professor Emily Boyd, Faculty of Social Sciences, Director of Sustainability Forum
  • Professor Henrik Smith, Faculty of Science
  • Associate Professor Susanne Arvidsson, School of Economics and Management
  • Senior Lecturer Fredrik Bengtsson, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Lars J Nilsson, Faculty of Engineering
  • Professor Johannes Persson, Faculties of Humanities and Theology
  • Senior lecturer Britta Sjöstedt, Faculty of Law
  • Vacant, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Professor Jenny Palm, The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

Student representatives, appointed by Lund University Student Unions Association (LUS)

  • Wilhelm Wanecek
  • Tori Jørgensen

External members

  • Social strategist Lisa Gunnefur, City of Lund
  • Civil servant regional development Oddvar Fiskesjö, Region Skåne

Participants with the right to (non-voting) participation

  • Associate Professor Markus Gunneflo, Agenda 2030 Graduate School
  • Environmental manager Claes Nilén, LU Byggnad
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Sustainability and Campus Development Per Mickwitz
  • Professor Martin Tunér, Faculty of Engineering
  • Doctoral student Jörgen Dahlqvist, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts