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Funding opportunities

On this page you will find a selection of funding opportunities and activities related to sustainable development at local, regional and international level.

Calls and activities

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Mistra: Plans calls for biodiversity and the sea

Currently, there are two areas that Mistra is investigating more deeply - biodiversity linked to our economic system as well as the marine ecosystem and activities at sea. The goal is two announcements before the turn of the year.

Read the news on (in Swedish)

CEC: Project funding for researchers to apply for a doctoral studentship in Environmental Science within the Agenda 2030 graduate school

Deadline: 31 May
The Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC) now announces funding for one doctoral studentship, where the doctoral student is admitted to the PhD programme in Environmental Science at the Faculty of Science, and is enrolled in the Agenda 2030 graduate school. The doctoral student will be employed and have their main workplace at the main supervisor’s department. The Agenda 2030 graduate school will account for a sum equivalent to one PhD position for 4 years. (Note: It is the researcher who apply for this funding, not the student.)

Call text at

Strategic Research Areas (SRAs): Seed funding for emerging research topics

Deadline: 1 September
Lund University has decided to support the development of new research opportunities for the University’s Strategic Research Areas (SRAs) by allocating 6.8 MSEK for a call for seed funding of projects for emerging research topics (STYR 2020/2313). The aim of the seed funding is to stimulate and accelerate collaborative inter-SRA projects that may lead to new interdisciplinary and strategic directions. The projects should address questions of strategic importance and be enabled by new collaborations between SRAs, for example by leveraging capabilities developed in one SRA to address breakthrough problems identified by another. A desired outcome is the creation of new collaborations with the potential to lead to major, joint projects, for example by developing preliminary results for major proposals. Target group for this call is Principal Investigators (PI) from the SRAs at Lund University.

Call text at

The Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies call: Theme 2022

Deadline: 14 September 
Employees at Lund University are hereby invited to apply for the opportunity to establish a Theme at the Pufendorf IAS, to start work spring 2022. This call for applications thus applies for Themes starting in spring 2022.

Information meeting in Zoom for applications for Theme and ASG on June 11. 

Call text for Theme 2022 at

LINXS, Lund Institute of advanced Neutron and X-ray Science, invites a new Theme 

Deadline: 18 June 2021, 17:00 PM 
LINXS invites proposals for a new Theme, starting 2022, relating to the application of x-ray and neutron based science on any topic related to the LINXS focus areas (hard matter, soft matter, life science). LINXS welcomes applications from research groups at partner organisations (currently Lund University) who would like to drive funded activities under a Theme framework as well as support the realisation of LINXS mission. The research focus of a theme relates to the development and application of neutron and x-ray techniques to answer scientific questions and considers data acquisition, experiments, data analysis, simulation and theory.

Read more and apply at 

Nominate for King Carl XVI Gustaf's professorship in environmental science

Deadline: contact your Faculty (proposals from the Faculty will be sent on 21 May to Research Services)
Lund University has been invited to nominate two candidates for King Carl XVI Gustaf's professorship in environmental science (environmental science is given a broad interpretation here and may involve research in the natural sciences, technology, social sciences and the humanities). Please note that the University has an internal handling procedure for nominations. The guest professorship covers an entire academic year (approximately 9 months) and the foundation grants a one-time grant of a maximum of SEK 1.5 million. Nominating department is responsible for the costs that are not covered by the foundation.

Contact Johanna Mellgren at Research Services if you have any questions.

johanna [dot] mellgren [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Invitation from the foundation on nominating candidates (in Swedish, PDF, 175 kB)

Download the University's internal management order and instructions (in Swedish, Word, 18 kB)

Download the template for co-financing certificate (in Swedish, Word, 81 kB)

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental research grants: Calls open in May. 

Webinar: Take the chance to learn more about Life - the EU's fund for action in climate, environment and nature!

Date: 15 June, at 9.30-11.45
The EU's environmental fund, Life, co-finances projects that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity or test new innovative solutions, technologies or methods in the field of climate and the environment.

Read more and register at (in Swedish)

Swedish National Space Agency: Participation in international Space Science and Earth Observation space missions

Deadline: 29 June
Open call to researchers in Sweden to apply for funding and SNSA commitments for participation in international Space Science and Earth Observation space missions. The call includes funding for new projects and continuation projects. 

Call text at

Energy Agency: Competence center for a sustainable energy system

Deadline: 31 May 2021
Our energy system is facing major changes, which places new demands on its players and the knowledge and skills that will be needed for the transition. By forming a competence center, you can contribute to increasing collaboration, relevance in energy research and a faster implementation of the results. At the same time, you are training a new generation of researchers with deep knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition.

The call text on (in Swedish)

Energy Agency: Do you want to contribute with research and innovation for a sustainable and bio-based society?

Deadline: 23 June
Sweden aims to become a fossil-free welfare nation by 2045. This call provides support for projects that, based on sustainable bio-based raw materials, have the potential to contribute to solving the energy and climate challenges that exist for Sweden to achieve the goal. This means that the projects must be relevant to the future energy system and at the same time contribute to solving the climate challenges.

Call text on (in Swedish)

Formas: Planned calls for proposals 2021

Overview - planned calls for proposals 2021 at

Formas: Agenda 2030 conference

Dates: every morning on May 17, 18 and 19
We face global challenges. The only way to solve them is through global collaboration, based on local commitment. That is why global collaboration is the theme of this year's conference on Agenda 2030. We all have a role and a responsibility and, after all, a full nine years on us! Follow and participate in discussions about the current state of the agenda in the wake of the pandemic, the type of initiatives and collaborations needed to achieve the goals and how we can get more actors involved in the work.

Information about the conference at (in Swedish)

Formas & Vinnova: Climate adaptation of the built environment

Deadline: 19 May 2021
This call is part of a joint call between Formas and Vinnova within the framework of the national research programmes for sustainable spatial planning and for climate. The joint call consists of two separate calls where it is possible to apply for up to 4-year research projects via Formas and for 2-year innovation projects at Vinnova.

Call text at
Call text at

Formas: From research to implementation for a sustainable society

Deadline: 27 May 2021
Sweden faces major challenges in converting to socially, environmentally and economically sustainable societies. A key in this transition is that different actors in society work together to translate research results, knowledge and proven experience into solutions that can be implemented and benefit society and really contribute to this transition.

Call text at

Formas: Climate gains with resource efficiency

Deadline: 27 May 2021
The call aims for measures for increased resource efficiency to contribute to significant climate benefits. We demand research that adopts broad perspectives on, for example, entire systems, value chains and cross-sectoral solutions, or studies how societal changes can take place through, for example, governance and behavioral changes. The call also aims to increase the international relevance of research in the field of calls.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Formas: Blue innovation - Preparatory project 2021

Deadline: 1 September
The purpose of this call is to create, through a preparatory project, basic conditions for stakeholders to take on a complex challenge with other actors with a direct or indirect impact on the marine and aquatic environment. The preparatory project provides an opportunity for stakeholders to identify and understand the systems, actors and networks needed to be able to take on the challenge that has been identified in a continued project.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Vinnova: Promote Swedish participation in Horizon Europe - Sustainable Industry

Deadline (several occasions): 17 May, 15 Oct, 30 Nov 2021
Vinnova finance planning projects for Swedish actors so that they can turn their project ideas into competitive applications for the Horizon Europe's work program. Project results are expected to contribute to one or more of Sustainable Industry's long-term impact goals: Climate-neutral and circular production, Resource-efficient and resilient value chains, Global competitiveness and A socially sustainable industry. Stakeholder constellations must consist of at least three Swedish project partners, of which at least one company. 

Call text at

Vinnova: AI in the service of the climate 2

Deadline: 9 June 2021
The offer is aimed at those of you who want to carry out the project which, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), contributes to Sweden by 2045 have no net greenhouse gas emissions. The call is a joint effort by Vinnova, Formas, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Space Agency within the national research program on climate, with an international assessment group.

Call text at

Vinnova: Social sustainability in the physical environment

Deadline: 15 June
Develop and test methods in order to strengthen or add social values in the development of built environment. Examples of social values are equality, trust, security and well-being. 

Call text at

Vinnova: Strategic innovation program Drive Sweden: Innovations for sustainable, safe and accessible mobility for people and goods - 2021

Opens 18 May, Deadline: 2 Nov
Do you have an idea that is focused on the transport policy goals for sustainability and resource efficiency? Does your idea also address how connectivity, sharing and automation can contribute to more environmentally friendly and efficient transport systems? In this the offer, we fund the project that will contribute to the smart mobility of people and goods of the future.

Call text at

Vinnova: Future attractive habitats - lessons learned from pandemic

Opens: 2 June, Deadline: 15 September
We are looking for innovation projects that produce proposals for what the attractive living environments of the future can look like. Innovation projects must have a system perspective and address more perspectives linked to the physical environment. Needs owners must be involved and the projects linked to concrete physical locations. We demand project that can produce models, sketches and prototypes connected to physical places in cities and communities.

Call text at

The Swedish Research Council (VR): 35 calls in the pipeline for 2021!

Many of the calls are recurrent, e.g. the international postdoc grant, but some changes have been made. Some calls are being issued for the first time, for example a call for multisectoral graduate schools in development research, and a grant for investment in existing research infrastructure. 

All upcoming calls are available at

VR: The Swedish Research Council is looking for a university to host a conference on development research in 2022

Deadline: 10 May 2021
Every two years, a Swedish university arranges a conference on development research in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council and Sida. VR is now looking for a university that wants to host the Development Research Conference (DevRes) 2022. The focus of the conferences (DevRes) is research on the causes, consequences and possible solutions of poverty, as well as on sustainable development and the connection between sustainable development and poverty reduction in low-income countries.

Contact Cerina Wittbom if you are interested in hosting the conference.

cerina [dot] wittbom [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se

Read more about the call for interest and how to register at (in Swedish)

VR: Project grant for research into societal security

Opens: 2 June, Deadline: 17 August
The purpose of the grant is to strengthen Swedish research focused on societal security, including cyber and information security. 
The initiative is based on a Government mandate. Subject area: Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural and Engineering Sciences.

Call text at

Forte: Future calls for proposals 

On this page you will find information about Forte’s upcoming calls for proposals -

Forte: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age

Deadline for submitting outline proposals: 7 May 2021
In March a call will open from CHANSE (Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe) for international research projects on the interplay between digitization and socio-cultural processes. Focus for the call “Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age” is the ongoing digitalisation of society. It can lead to economic progress and new opportunities, but also raise anxiety and feelings of insecurity. The project team should be composed of at least four Principal Investigators, i.e. partners, from four or more different countries participating in the call. Recommended cap on funding is 1 500 000 EUR per project.

Call text at

Forte: Challenges of Working Life 2021

Deadline: 20 May 2021
The Swedish labour market is facing major challenges in the coming years. The pandemic has made these particularly clear. In this call for applications, Forte is requesting that applicants focus on one of the following sub-challenges:

  • Ensuring a well-functioning labour market in times of structural change
  • Increasing the inclusion of under-represented groups in working life
  • Reducing the incidence of threats, violence and harassment in the workplace
  • Creating the conditions that make it possible to work throughout one’s professional life

Call text at

Forte: Use, risk use and abuse within ANDTG – The importance of prevention for public health (2021)

Deadline: 27 May
This is a call for research on use, risk use and abuse within ANDTG. The research should focus on prevention and the interplay between individuals, group processes and the institutional and commercial environment, as well as to what extent existing initiatives contribute to better public health. Further, the focus is limited to research on use, risk use and abuse within the field of “Alcohol, narcotics, doping, tobacco and gambling”.

Call text at

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SFF): Industrial Doctoral Student 2021!

Deadline 25 May
SSF expects to grant 12 projects, with up to 2.5 million SEK each. The initiative applies to people who have not yet been admitted to postgraduate education. During the grant period, the doctoral student must conduct research and be at least 80 percent employed at a company, and have two supervisors, one at the university and one at the company. The money will cover funds for research and postgraduate education. The university must be Swedish.

Call text at

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SFF): Future Research Leader!

Deadline: 16 August
For the eighth time, SSF is investing in the flagship program “Future Research Leaders” (FFL-8). Since the start in 2000, around 140 successful researchers have participated in the program. Another 16 young researchers are now given the opportunity to participate. During a five-year period, the participants receive a grant of SEK 15 million each and will at the same time receive a solid leadership training.

Call text at

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SFF): SSF invests SEK 200 million in software development in SSF Future Software Systems!

Deadline: 11 October
Digitization is as socially revolutionary as industrialization has ever been. When huge amounts of data are to be processed into useful information, in an ever shorter time and closer to the user, a powerful digital infrastructure is required. But for that, new and innovative software is needed.

Call text at

European Commission: Call for applications for the selection of members of the Commission Expert Group on Artificial Intellegence and Data in Education and Training 

Deadline: 25 May
The Commission proposes the development of ethical guidelines on artificial intelligence and data in education and training based on the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence , presented by the High-Level Expert Group on AI in 2019. In order to be assisted with this task, the Commission’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture (DG EAC) has taken the initiative to set up a new dedicated group of experts. The group will be co-led with the Commission’s Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (‘DG CNECT’).

Call text at

Erasmus+: 2021-2027 - new programme period

The call has now been opened to apply for Erasmus+ funding for the next programme period. Erasmus+ mobility will strengthen the European dimension in teaching and learning, promote inclusion and diversity, and support the development of professional networks in Europe. During the new programme period, the emphasis will be on: Inclusion, Sustainability, Digitization, and Democratic thinking. 

Deadline: 11 May
KA1 Mobility for students, teachers and administrators (application is handled by External Relations).

Deadline: 20 May
KA2 Collaborations for innovation and exchange of experience. 

KA3 Support for policy and system change:

  • Erasmus Mundus: 26 May
  • Alliances for Innovation: 7 September
  • Jean Monnet: 2 June

More information is available at (in Swedish)

Horizon Europe

ERRIN: Matchmaking event on Horizon Europe 

Dates: 19-20 May and 26-27 May

If you are interested in finding partners outside academia for your EU-proposal, please take this opportunity to participate in this matchmaking events! This specific event is dedicated to the fields of Cluster 5 and 6, in other words, Climate, Energy and Mobility respectively Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment.

Furher information at

SFF: EU Horizon Europe Research Application Support: Leverage of Swedish Research

Deadline: 17 May
The Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) will support Swedish researchers in the work of applying for EU grants in the Horizon Europe (HEU) program, the EU’s framework program for research and innovation. Through the call “EU Horizon Europe Research Application Support: Leverage of Swedish Research “, the foundation allocates SEK 10 million for applicants who already have ongoing SSF projects or have completed such projects after January 2018.

Call text at

Swedish National Space Agency: Planning grant for the application to Horizon 2020

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis. The last opportunity to submit an application for a planning grant is eight weeks before the current Horizon 2020 call closes.
The Swedish Space Agency wants to encourage Swedish actors' participation in the EU's Horizon 2020 framework program and therefore offers a planning grant for costs in connection with applications for one of the calls in the framework program. The applicant can be either a partner or coordinator in the project to which the application relates and the project must have an adequate connection to space activities. The support amounts to a maximum of SEK 150,000.

Call text at (in Swedish)

ERC: Call dates

Advanced Grant (20 May-21 Aug)

Advanced grant is aimed at you who are an established researcher. You can apply for grants of up to 2.5 million euros for a maximum period of 5 years.

Research Services invites you to an Advanced Grants workshop on April 22 at 9.00-12.30. Email Teresia Rindefjäll if you have not registered and want to participate. 

teresia [dot] rindefjall [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se ()

Read more about the calls on

ERC instruction videos available for you who plan to apply for grants at

Contact Research Services at LU for support and tips in the application process -

Preliminary ERC deadlines 2022

Synergy Grant 2022: 10/11/2021
Starting Grant 2022: 13/01/2022
Consolidator Grant 2022: 17/03/2022
Advanced Grant 2022: 28/04/2022 


Calls 2021 (preliminary deadlines)

Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF): Deadline: 15 September 2021, call expected to open 18 May 2021.

Doctoral Networks (DN). Deadline 16 November 2021, call expected to open 18 May 2021.

Staff Exchanges (SE). Deadline 9 March 2022, call expected to open 7 October 2021.

COFUND. Deadline: 10 February 2022, call expected to open 11 October 2021.

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships workshop 18 and 20 May (two parts)

Date and time: 18 May (10-12) and 20 May (10-13.30)
The workshop consists of two webinars and is intended for fellows who plan to apply with Lund University as host and already have a project idea and contact with a supervisor at LU. Supervisors are also welcome to participate. The workshop will be held in English via Zoom and is free of charge.

Sign up here before 4 May 2021 -

Further information at

MSCA Doctoral Networks (former ITN) workshop 

Date and time: 14 June (13.00-15.30) and 16 June (13.00-15.30), and a follow-up webinar in September
The workshop by Yellow Research consists of three webinars and is intended primarily for LU researchers who plan to coordinate a proposal in call 2021. LU researchers who will participate as partners can also register. The workshop will be held in English via Zoom and is free of charge.

Sign up here before 25 May 2021 -

Further information at

Humbolt Scholarships for Post-Doctoral Training on Sustainable Development in Germany (all areas)

A Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers allows you to carry out long-term research (6-24 months) in Germany. Applicants choose their own topic of research. Researchers from outside Germany at the beginning of their academic career with a completed doctorate in the last four years may apply.
Deadline: anytime
Further information at