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Funding opportunities

On this page you will find a selection of funding opportunities and activities related to sustainable development at local, regional and international level.

Calls and activities

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Lund University internal calls and activities

Call for applications for university-wide funding for Interdisciplinary projects focusing on Agenda 2030 and sustainable development

Deadline: 25 November 2022
Lund University has set aside up to SEK 100 million for a university-wide investment in excellence at Lund University with a focus on Agenda 2030 and sustainable development for the period 2021-2025. The Research Board is now announcing funding for interdisciplinary projects for the second and final time. The projects must be relevant for creating new knowledge for sustainable development and Agenda 2030.

Call text at

Find new partners to write an application!

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Call for proposals targeting Strategic Research Areas (SRAs)

Seed funding for emerging research topics

Deadline: 15 September 2022
Lund University has decided to support the development of new research opportunities for the University’s Strategic Research Areas (SRAs) by allocating 6 MSEK for a call for seed funding of projects for emerging research topics (STYR 2022/596). Target group for this call is Principal Investigators (PI) from the SRAs at Lund University. The aim of the seed funding is to stimulate and accelerate collaborative inter-SRA projects that may lead to new multidisciplinary and strategic directions. The projects should address questions of strategic importance and be enabled by new collaborations between SRAs, for example by leveraging capabilities developed in one SRA to address breakthrough problems identified by another. 

Call text at

LU Thematic collaboration initiative

Deadline: 23 September
Lund University announces new funding for thematic collaboration initiatives, TSI, for the period 2023-2025. Up to four initiatives will receive funding of SEK 1 million per year over three years. Applications must be faculty-wide and include at least three faculties and at least one, preferably several, external collaboration partners. New for this call is that it will also welcome applications that combine research and collaboration with education in more complete environments.

More information will be provided when the call is announced. 

Read the call text at

Read about the Thematic collaboration initiatives

National calls and activities 

Energy Agency

Innovations for Managing Sustainable Urban Accessibility

Deadline: 15 September
Urban transport of goods and people accounts for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore requires a significant reduction, especially in a highly urbanized continent such as Europe. Innovative solutions to accelerate the transition to climate neutrality and increased attractiveness are in demand by cities of all types and sizes, which want to redistribute the city's limited space in favor of sustainable modes of transport and qualitative public space. Dealing with different types of accessibility in the city is an important part of such a process, and the focus of this call.

Call text at


Planned calls for proposals 2022

An overview for this year's planned announcements is now available. Please note that the plan can be changed and that the date and focus are determined by Forma's research council at their various meetings.

Overview - planned calls for proposals 2022 at

Preparatory project Impact Innovation

Open: 1 September, Deadline: 30 November

The Swedish Energy Agency, Formas and Vinnovas will carry out a call in 2022 for preparatory projects within Impact Innovation. With this offer, we want to strengthen the conditions for building new player-driven and long-term innovation programs for system conversion. The programs will contribute to global competitiveness through adaptation for sustainable development, innovation and pioneering research. We target actors who want to develop and mobilize around concrete proposals for goals, so-called missions. It will lay the foundation for a future innovation program. Those who apply in the preparatory call are expected to have the ambition in the next step to form or contribute to the function (corresponding to the current program office) that will run and coordinate a future program.

Call text at

Formas communication call 2022

Open: 7 September, Deadline: 26 October
Formas has earmarked a total of 20 million kronor to fund communication projects about sustainable development research. The purpose is to support projects that communicate and popularise sustainable development research so that the results can have a real-world impact in society.

Call text at

Sustainable and resilient food systems in uncertain times

Deadline: 1 September
Apply for applied research projects that contribute to knowledge and solutions to design a more robust food preparedness in Sweden and globally. The purpose of the call is to enable collaborations between researchers and need owners in food systems with the goal of exploring and identifying development opportunities that clearly contribute to a resilient and long-term sustainable food supply regardless of the circumstances we are in.

Call text at

Socially sustainable housing supply for all

Open: 3 November, Deadline: 7 February 2023
Apply for research and innovation projects that contribute to solutions to promote a socially sustainable housing supply for all. This call aims to enable collaborations between different stakeholders in the housing sector with the aim of exploring and developing solutions that contribute to a socially sustainable housing supply for all. Only multi-party applications, with at least one academic party and at least one non-academic party, can receive funding. Funding can be sought for projects that run 2 or 3 years (24 or 36 months) and for a maximum of 2 million kronor per 12-month period, meaning a total maximum amount of 6 million kronor. 

Call text at

Sustainable Development Goals Collaborative Funding Call

Deadline: 25 August (concept note), 20 January (full proposal)
Formas is participating in a pilot call together with 10 funding agencies from four continents. The call is aimed at accelerating achievement of the SDGs by implementing results of ongoing or recently finalised research and projects. The Swedish project participants can apply for projects of 2 to 4 years with a total budget of 3 MSEK.

Call text at

Climate-neutral and inclusive municipalities - Preparatory projects

Deadline: 1 September
We face major societal challenges that affect climate change, global warming and carbon dioxide emissions as well as housing segregation, exclusion and unequal public health. There are less than ten years left before the Agenda 2030 goals are to be achieved. Now is the time to act, to turn knowledge into action and to ensure that research is useful for the transition to sustainable community building that does not exceed planetary boundaries.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Mobility grants for early-career researchers

Opens: 15 September, Deadline: 20 October 2022
The call welcomes research projects in which researchers formulate their own research questions. It covers all of Formas’ areas – environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning – including transdisciplinary projects. The research we fund should be of the highest scientific quality and can be basic research or needs-driven research for the ecological, economical and socially sustainable development of society. The call covers both national and international researcher mobility.

Call text at


Future calls for proposals 

On this page you will find information about Forte’s upcoming calls for proposals -

Impact 2022

Deadline: 1 September
Forte is setting up a new type of grant, to enhance the impact of research. The call is open to applications in all Forte’s main areas: health, working life and welfare. The aim is to help ensure that the results of research funded by Forte are put to use. The projects must address societal challenges in Forte’s main areas and contribute to the Swedish implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

Call text at

Would you like to be a member of Forte’s review panels?

As a member of one of Forte’s scientific review panels, your job is to review, prioritise and assess applications for research funding submitted to Forte. Review panels consist of researchers and representatives from our areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. We are now seeking applicants who are interested in joining our review panels in 2022 and beyond.

Read more about the qualifications and how to express your interest to Forte´s review panels at

Conference Grant 2021

Deadline: 30 September 2022 (Applications for conference grants are prepared on an ongoing basis.)
The grant relates to financial support for holding conferences hosted by a Swedish institution of higher education or scientific/scholarly organisation. The financial support is primarily intended for national conferences held in Sweden, which are however encouraged to have international elements. The intention is to facilitate contacts and exchange of experience between Swedish and foreign researchers, to add knowledge from the international research community to Swedish research, and to contribute to the dissemination of Swedish research internationally. The maximum grant amount is SEK 300,000. This is an organisational call for applications.

Call text at

The KTH Great Prize

The prize is taken from the proceeds of a donation made in 1944 and which now stands at one million two hundred thousand SEK (2021). According to the donor, who wished to be and has remained anonymous, the prize shall be awarded to: "A person who, through epoch-making discoveries and the creation of new values and by ingenious applications of findings gained on the practical aspects of life, promotes Sweden's continued material progress, or a person who by means of scientific research has discovered particularly valuable principles or methods which are useful for applications, which promote the above purpose, or a person who through artistic activities "exerts a powerful influence particularly on the spiritual life of her own people." The recipient must also be a Swedish citizen. Nominations can be submitted on an ongoing basis. 

Read more about the prize and nominate at

The L’Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science Sweden Prize with support of The Young Academy of Sweden

Deadline: 27 September
The L’Oréal-Unesco For Women in Science Sweden Prize with support of The Young Academy of Sweden, aims at highlighting promising women in the early stages of their research career in science and creating role models for future generations. The prize is awarded next time in 2023. The prize is awarded to identify, encourage and reward women in research who have demonstrated great potential in science (including medicine), physics, technology or mathematics, and whose work contributes to a sustainable development and in solving humanity's greatest challenges. The prize amount of 150.000 SEK is awarded to two prominent women in research. 

Call text at

Nordic Centre

Seed Funding for Sino-Nordic Research Collaboration 

Deadline: 1 October
Application is now open for the Nordic Centre Planning Grant, three planning grants of EUR 10 000 each for projects within the Nordic Centre’s four interdisciplinary thematic focus areas:

  • Sino-Nordic perspectives
  • Sustainable development
  • Digitalization and technology
  • Health and welfare

The purpose is to support the development of strong and strategic research and innovation partnerships between Nordic and Chinese universities, and to give researchers from the Nordic Centre member institu-tions better opportunities to prepare for larger joint research projects and write proposals for major external research grants.

Call text at

Ragnar Sellbergs foundation

Deadline: The foundation receives applications on an ongoing basis
The foundation supports research projects that are conducted at Swedish universities or institutes and that are connected to areas that are close to or include the subject of waste and recycling. The foundation regularly receives applications that include simpler inquiries such as degree jobs or special projects of various kinds as well as more detailed jobs that may form part of licentiate or doctoral work. The foundation prioritises applications where supervision is ensured. The foundation does not provide funds to companies and private individuals if the application lacks a clear connection to a higher education institution, initiatives that cannot be expected to have a more lasting or extensive significance or pure travel allowances.

Call text on Ragnar Sellbergs foundation at Swedish)

Region Skåne

Call for circular food systems

Deadline: 20 October
The Government's strategy for the food sector has the goal that the Swedish food chain by 2030 is globally competitive, innovative, sustainable and attractive to operate within. The purpose of the targeted call is for the projects to contribute to a climate-smart circular food system in Skåne. The projects will also, by finding synergies and creating added value, contribute to Climate and energy strategy for Skåne and the Food Agenda. The call is divided into 4 different sub-goals which together include the entire food system. Project financing should preferably be within the framework of 5 price base amounts to 1 million. The project must be well defined in time, the recommended maximum project time is two years. Possible co-financing rate from Region Skåne is 60%.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Planning grant for Scanian applications to Horizon Europe

Opens: 15 August 2021, and is open on an ongoing basis with the exception of summer and Christmas holidays, during 2021-2022.
Region Skåne is launching a planning grant ("EU-card") to support the participation of more Skåne actors in the EU's research and innovation program Horizon Europe. The planning support is directed at projects that lead to increased collaborative research within Horizon Europe and the part of the program that addresses "Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness". The target group for the planning grant is small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit actors (including HEI) operating within the region's borders. Maximum amount to apply for: 100 000 SEK (co-financing of 25 % from HEI). It will be a two-step process: (1) registration of interest, (2) send in full application to Tillväxtverket. 

More information will soon be available at (in Swedish)

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) 

Research Initiation 2022

Deadline: Funding decisions are made by RJ's Executive committee 6–8 times a year. For this reason, there are no set dates for when decisions are made.
RJ Research Initiation is intended to initiate activities that will in some way result in new research in the humanities and social sciences. As such, RJ Research Initiation is intended to support arranging different types of scholarly meetings, such as conferences, seminars and workshops, and the creation of new research networks through scholarly meetings. The minimum application amount is SEK 50,000.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Research funding on stormwater (syntheses)

Deadline: 7 September
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Agency Marine and Water Management invite individual researchers or research groups to apply for funding for synthesis analyzes of a maximum of SEK 1.5 million per synthesis and a maximum of 1.5 years. The goal is to grant up to two syntheses.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Research funding for reduced food waste

Deadline: 7 September
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency invites individual researchers or research groups to apply for funding for research projects of a maximum of SEK 3 (3) million spread over three years (2023–2026). The goal is to grant several projects within the call. The total budget for the call is approximately SEK 12 million.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Funding for research programs: Sustainable climate change and climate adaptation

Deadline (stage 1): 15 October, Deadline (stage 2): 1 March 2023
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Agency Marine and Water Management invite researchers to seek applied and policy-relevant research in a five-year program that connects issues of reduced climate impact, effective climate adaptation and restoration, conservation and strengthening of biodiversity for increased resilience in line with national environmental quality goals and global goals. Sustainable Development. The total budget is SEK 44 million with the intention of granting funding for up to two research programs running over 5 years. The maximum budget for each program is SEK 22 million.

Call text at (in Swedish)

Research funding on the environmental impact of hydropower

Deadline: 7 September
With this call, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Agency Marine and Water Management want to support research on the impact of hydropower and other dams on society, landscapes, ecosystems and species. The purpose is to increase knowledge of hydropower and fisheries management-related issues to facilitate the implementation of the National Plan for Modern Environmental Conditions for Hydropower. Researchers in the social sciences, natural sciences and interdisciplinary collaborations can apply for funding for research projects (1 and 2) and syntheses (3, 4 and 5) that focus on one or more of the specializations:

  1. Collaboration in the environmental assessment processes
  2. Environmental assessment and environmental adaptation of hydropower in a socio-economic context
  3. Impact of hydropower and other dams on landscapes, ecosystems, populations and species
  4. Efficiency of measures in different systems
  5. Methods and models useful for water management

Call text at (in Swedish)

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

SSF Semiconductor System Design (SeSyDe)

Deadline: 1 November
The call focuses on optimal design of semiconductors through research, innovation, value creation and product differentiation. The research must include a holistic view of semiconductor design, including several design steps (eg chiplets, semiconductor IP blocks, system architecture, algorithms, software) which should also include adaptation of the design to the final system products. The goal of the center is to contribute to Sweden becoming one of the leading countries in semiconductor design. SFF allocates SEK 60 million to establish a center for research in semiconductor design. The purpose is to stimulate multidisciplinary research between academia, research institutes, industry and society.

Call text at

Call for Strategic mobility 2022!

Deadline: 6 September
Strategic mobility is the call for you who want to broaden your horizons. The Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, finances the salary cost for you who, for a period of time, want to move between industry/business/government/hospitals to academia/research institutes, or the other way around.

Call text at

Swedish Institute

Academic collaboration in the Baltic Sea region

Deadline: 30 September
The Swedish Institute (SI) offers funding to Swedish universities and research institutes, for bilateral or multilateral projects supporting academic institutions and academic target groups in Ukraine.

Call text at

The Swedish National Space Agency

Support for future scientific space projects

Deadline: Applications are processed on an ongoing basis. 
This standing call is aimed at researchers in Sweden who are about to get deeply involved in preparations for and proposals for all or parts of future international space research projects. This is often done through participation in an international consortium of scientists (hereinafter referred to as "the consortium") who jointly produce a proposal for a space project or a scientific instrument for space flight. Parts of this call may also be suitable for scientists preparing to participate in projects within the Elips program and at the International Space Station.

Call text at (in Swedish)

The Swedish Research Council (VR) 

Take the chance to influence the Swedish Research Council's research overviews!

During spring and summer, the Swedish Research Council’s scientific councils and committees have produced proposals for research surveys within their various scientific fields. Openness, transparency and solid establishment in the research community are important to us. For this reason, we are offering the option to comment on the reviews.

Time plan

  • Humanities and social sciences, open for comments: 25 August - 7 September
  • Artistic Research, open for comments: 19 September - 7 October
  • Medicine and health, open for comments: 29 September - 12 October
  • Clinical therapy research, open for comments: 29 September - 12 October
  • Natural and engineering sciences, open for comments: 29 September - 12 October
  • Educational sciences, open for comments: 29 September - 12 October
  • Development research, open for comments: 29 September - 12 October

Read more about the work on research overviews at

Calls in the pipeline for 2022!

Many of the calls are recurrent, e.g. the international postdoc grant, guest professor, etc. 

All upcoming calls are available at

Grant for centre of excellence

Open: 7 September, Deadline: 8 November
The purpose of the grant is to support the build-up and development of environments that promote research collaboration on a joint theme and contribute to higher education. The call is open for applications relating to pioneering and multi-disciplinary issues in all scientific disciplines.

Subject areas: Humanities and social sciences, Medicine and health, Natural and engineering sciences, Educational sciences, Artistic research, Development research

Call text at

Information meeting about Grant for centre of excellence, 20 September, online -

Grant for research communication in migration and integration

Open: 17 August, Deadline: 20 September
The purpose of the grant is to enable holders of earlier and/or ongoing research grants from the Swedish Research Council to plan, implement and evaluate communication activities that entail dialogue or co-creation with identified groups outside academia.

Call text at

Network grant for research into the Holocaust, victims of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism

Open: 17 August, Deadline: 13 September
The purpose of the grant is to support long-term collaboration within research into the Holocaust, victims of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism between Swedish research teams. The grant shall provide opportunities to establish or further develop a network around this specific research field, where both senior and junior researchers from the research environments involved participate.

Call text at

Doctoral programme grant within humanities: doctoral student employment

Open: 17 August, Deadline: 20 September
Graduate schools in humanities aim to build up a new research field, strengthen competence within a specific field, or increase collaboration nationally and internationally by contributing to third cycle higher education activities. Graduate schools contribute to and strengthen the future supply of competent researchers in the field. Applicant: Organisation. 

Call text at


Attract, integrate and retain international excellence

Deadline: 19 October
Funding to cover the salary costs of employing an identified PhD MSCA researcher who is in Sweden. Who can apply: Companies, public organizations and research institutes outside universities and university college. 

Call text at

A new recipe for the food system - Mobilization

Deadline: 17 August
Actors can apply to participate in a combined mobilization and learning response aim is to create the conditions for actors with common interests to work together against ambitious objectives. In this effort, it is possible to participate in the mobilization and learning effort free of charge. For those organizations that need it, it is possible to apply for funding for the time spent in the effort. 

Information meetings: 14 June, 6 July

Call text at

Competence centers within Sustainable industry and Digital transformation 2022

Deadline: 1 March 2023
In this the offer we finance competence centers where different parties in the areas Sustainable industry and Digital transformation collaborates to develop new knowledge in the field. This knowledge must be able to be used in business or society to provide new products, processes or models. Academics, research institutes, business and the public sector can apply in constellations where academia or research institutes must be the coordinating party. Vinnova plans to grant a maximum of 8 competence centers. Funding for a center is planned to be SEK 4 million for year 1 and SEK 8 million for years 2-5.

Information meetings: 31 May and 6 September

Call text at

Volvo Environment Prize

Deadline: 10 January 2023
The span of disciplines and activities for which nominations can be made is wide and includes all disciplines which have relevance to the environment. The research of nominees should be based on scientific grounds but must clearly show impacts outside of the specific discipline.

Nomination guidelines at

The Zayed Sustainability Prize

Deadline: 6 July 2022
The Zayed Sustainability Prize, an evolution of the Zayed Future Energy Prize, is the UAE’s pioneering global award in sustainability and a tribute to the legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Established in 2008, this annual award recognises and rewards the achievements of those who are driving impactful, innovative and inspiring sustainability solutions across five distinct categories: Health, Food, Energy, Water and Global High Schools. This year the Prize is particularly targeting Swedish organisations. Each of the categories rewards the winner with a prize of US$600,000 per region. The world regions are: The Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East & North Africa, Europe & Central Asia, South Asia, and East Asia & Pacific. 

Call text at

International calls and activities

Biodiversa+ - European Biodiversity Partnership

Improved transnational monitring of biodiversity and ecosystem change for science and society

Open: 8 September, Deadline: early November 2022
This call will cover the following three non-exclusive research themes: (1) Innovation and harmonisation of methods and tools for collection and management of biodiversity monitoring data, (2) Addressing knowledge gaps on biodiversity status, dynamics, and trends to reverse biodiversity loss, and (3) Making use of available biodiversity monitoring data. All environments (i.e. terrestrial, freshwater and marine) will be eligible. 

More information on the call at

Information webinar for potential applicants will be organised on 20 September, from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm CEST. 

Register for the webinar at us06web.zoom.use

European Parliament outlook for 2022

European Parliament Research Services has released a short publication in which their investigators list ten hot EU topics that are believed to have a major impact in 2022.

  1. Radical decoupling: Achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining economic growth
  2. Securing Europe's supply of semiconductors
  3. Sustainable agriculture: Mission possible?
  4. A new push for nuclear non-proliferation?
  5. Shaping the economic recovery
  6. ECB monetary policy: Caught between a rock and a hard place
  7. Internet of things: Securing the uptake of connected devices in the EU
  8. Uncharted waters: What to expect after the Conference on the Future of Europe
  9. LGBTIQ equality: Somewhere over the rainbow
  10. Forward with EU defence

Ten issues to watch in 2022 -

European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder

The Horizon Europe initiative, European Innovation Council (EIC) aims to identify and support breakthrough technologies and game changing innovations to create new markets and scale up internationally. The Pathfinder grant programme supports research teams to research or develop an emerging breakthrough technology.

Horizon Europe -
The Pathfinder grant programme -

Pathfinder Challenges

Deadline: 26 October 2022

Preliminary shortlist of suggested EIC Pathfinder Challenges for 2022

  • Carbon and Nitrogen management and valorisation,
  • Mid to long term and systems integrated energy storage,
  • Cardiogenomics,
  • Towards the Healthcare Continuum: technologies to support a radical shift from episodic to continuous healthcare,
  • Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering,
  • DNA-based digital data storage
  • Alternative approaches to Quantum Information Processing and Communication

You are always welcome to contact Research Services for further information on the EIC Grants scheme as well as other HEU related programmes.

Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS)

Call for the HIAS Fellowship programme

Deadline: 31 October
HIAS appoints outstanding scholars, scientists, and artists from all parts of the world to pursue their own research projects for three to ten months on-site in Hamburg. Fellows are granted excellent conditions in an inspiring scientific and artistic context, to concentrate on their projects, entirely unimpeded by their usual professional duties. Eligible to apply are researchers of all disciplines and all career stages from postdoctoral level onwards, as well as outstanding artists and cultural professionals - from all countries. 

Further information on the HIAS fellowships at 
More about the application process and requirements at

Horizon Europe

Research Services continuously provide updated information regarding Horizon Europe programme at their blogg. -

The European Commission: Publication of the Horizon Europe first Work programme

The EC recently published the Horizon Europe 2021-2022 Work programme. 

Pillar II, clusters: 

  1. Health 
  2. Culture, creativity and inclusive Society
  3. Civil Security for Society
  4. Digital, Industry and Space
  5. Climate, Energy and Mobility
  6. Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

Additional WP´s can be found on Research Services blogg -

Calls are listed in the Funding and Tenders portal -

European University Association provide information on third-country participation, updates to rules for participation, other work programmes under Horizon Europe and Info-Days. 

Read about the Horizon Europe Work programme 2021-2022 and opportunities for universities at

National Contact Points (NCP) are responsible for informing about calls and events, and for answering questions relating to their respective areas of responsibility within Horizon Europe. 

A complete description of all Swedish national contact persons is available at

ERC deadlines 2022/2023 (Tentative dates)

Proof of Concept 2022: Opens 20/10/2022, Deadline 24/021/2023, 20/04/2023, 14/09/2023

Starting Grant 2022: Call opens 12/7/2022, Deadline 25/10/2022

Consolidator Grant 2023: Call opens 28/9/2022, Deadline: 02/02/2023

Advanced Grant 2023: Call opens 08/12/2022, Deadline: 23/05/2023

Synergy Grant 2022: Call opens 13/07/2022, Deadline: 08/11/2022

ERC calls 2023 - tentative dates at

Read more about the calls on

ERC instruction videos available for you who plan to apply for grants at

Contact Research Services at LU for support and tips in the application process -

MSCA - Calls 2021 (preliminary deadlines)

Postdoctoral Fellowships (PF): Deadline: 14 September 2022, call opens 13 April 2022.
Doctoral Networks (DN). Deadline 15 November 2022, call opens 3 May 2022.
Staff Exchanges (SE). Deadline 8 March 2023, call opens 6 October 2022.
COFUND. Deadline: 9 February 2023, call opens 11 October 2022.

Humbolt Scholarships for Post-Doctoral Training on Sustainable Development in Germany (all areas)

Deadline: anytime
A Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers allows you to carry out long-term research (6-24 months) in Germany. Applicants choose their own topic of research. Researchers from outside Germany at the beginning of their academic career with a completed doctorate in the last four years may apply.

Further information at