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Doctoral Courses

In connection to the themes Proposal writing and Future-oriented methodologies, two doctoral courses were arranged, open to all doctoral students.

Sustainability impacts and Societal Relevance in Research Proposals

Fall 2022 (3 ECTS)

The course was about identifying, estimating and formulating societal relevance and sustainability impacts in writing; examples of sustainability requirements and criteria in research call texts; sustainability impacts across different time scales; distribution aspects; local, national and global sustainability impacts; global trade and economic impacts; life-cycle analysis; policy and regulation; systemic approaches; sociotechnical systems; goal conflicts; sustainability indicators; sustainable development goals; planetary boundaries. Course meetings are online, however workshops are either on site or hybrid. 

Future-Oriented Methodologies (FOMs)

Spring 2022 (5 ECTS)

The course provided a broad introduction to some of the issues connected to FOMs, and of research fields where future-oriented tools and approaches have been developed; heuristic and exploratory approaches to issues with incompletely mapped causal mechanisms; simulation and forecasting; machine learning; scenarios, backcasting and vision work; blind spots and systematic bias; extreme values; systemic design; integration of expert knowledge and participatory methodologies in FOMs. The course is planned to be given on campus at Lund University. Note: For PhD students not employed at Lund University or part of ClimBEco there may be a course fee.