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Sustainability Week 2019

"Transforming our World" April 8-13 2019
Sustainability Week is an annual event in Lund where the university, the City of Lund, organisations and other interested parties organise a week filled with activities relating to sustainability. In 2019, Sustainability Week will be held April 8-13 on the theme “Transforming our World”, focusing on the global goals and agenda2030. You are welcome to join!


The clock is ticking, and 2030 creeps closer every year. There are 17 goals and 169 targets that we, as one humanity, must reach in order to secure a sustainable future. Sustainability Week 2019 provides a platform for both discussion and action, towards a brighter future!

This year, we want to spotlight the transformative ambition of the sustainable development goals and highlight the synergies that will help us reach them and the conflicts, which might hinder progress. We believe that meeting across disciplines, professions, borders and political divides are necessary to ensure that the solutions of tomorrow do not cement the injustices of today. There are four topics in particular spotlighted this year.


Transforming Stories

Humans are inclined to follow the narrative they find most compelling; they crave recognizable characters, motives, causes and effects. However, contemporary issues often have no clear villain or hero, no motive or dramaturgy, and an uncertain relationship between cause and effect. Climate change denial have reached the highest level of political office and a new wave of authoritarian regimes are increasingly opposing the idea of sustainable development.

How can we tell a compelling, yet scientifically sound, story of a brighter future and the path that will lead us there? In this theme, we want to highlight great efforts in sustainability science communication and explore how art, games and literature can be used to tell the compelling story needed to transform our world.

Transforming Food

Food is a necessity for survival. After a long trend of decreased world hunger, more people are living in food insecurity – at the same time, 1/3 of food is wasted in the global north. We want to spotlight how food production spans across the sustainability agenda and links to the other 16 goals.

  • Future Food Tech: How can agricultural techniques be an aid or maybe a detriment to bio-diversity, inequality, health and poverty?
  • What are the foods of the future? Will we eat insects, legumes from Skåne, plant-based instead of cow-based? We invite you to imagine, taste and discuss future food.
  • The race for biomass. Fossil fuel dependent industries are racing to replace their raw materials, we want to use forests and crops to make plastic, fuel, skyscrapers and clothes while still protecting bio-diversity and feeding the world. Is this a possible future?
  • Drought: Last year’s dry summer shocked farmers around Sweden, harvests failed and financial hardship followed. Is our agricultural system prepared for a more volatile climate?

Transforming Work/Life

What is a sustainable society? To achieve the sustainable development goals, our elected politicians must enact ambitious policies. However, there is no consensus on what rules and regulations are best suited to tackle our global challenges, and the time for action is now - how do we bridge this divide and move forward with agenda2030? To complete the SDGs, individual action is also a key element. What impact can we have in our daily lives, in our education, in our workplace and in our free time? A few example issue we want to target this year:

  • What can I do to tackle climate change? We look at the latest research on how to overcome climate anxiety and act for a healthier climate.
  • Sustainable Leadership: The social aspect of sustainability is often neglected, and a sustainable leadership is key to transforming interal and external unsustainable structures. Are there "super-leaders" and how do you find them (or build them)?
  • Municipal officials meet politicians meet researchers meet citizen: How can we apply the latest research in sustinable development to our local municipality to benefit all of its citizens?
  • Work Futures: How, where, with what and how much do we work in a sustainable society? 

Transforming Cities

Now, more than ever, Cities are the epicenter for rapid development and innovation. The urban population is growing fast, creating a transformative force of citizens but also logistical challenges of transportation, housing and public services.

  • The equal and just city: How can we ensure that our growing mega-cities provide a good life for all its citizens while lessening its impact on the environment?
  • Should we aim for growth or de-growth?
  • What is the city of the future built of? The environmental impact of common building materials such as steel, cement and wood is massive – how can we provide a growing population with climate-neutral housing, offices and transportation?

Do you and your organization want to join?

We welcome all organizations, companies, public and private individuals to organize seminars, workshops, meetings or other ideas that raise sustainability issues during the week. It’s easier for us to communicate it if it fits into the broader themes outlined above; Transforming our world, Food Futures, City Futures. Perhaps you have your own idea of ​​an activity you want to do during the week but need to find partners? We urge you to cooperate outside of your own sphere, reach out to other disciplines for a fresh perspective or invite a practitioner to combine theory with practice. Contact Project Manager Jenny Hansson at Sustainability Forum for more information on planning and participation, jenny [dot] hansson [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se or 070-3592609

More info is available on the Swedish webpage

Dep. Vice-Chancellor on this year's theme

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