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Jury and judging criteria

Interested in solving real world problems with companies in a multi-disciplinary setting? Then join the first Sustainability Forum Case Competition- an inter-disciplinary challenge inviting all students at Lund University. The competition will include a kick-off, an optional pitch event with inspiring guest speakers and a diverse jury. There would also be prizes for teams.

Judging Panel for the spring case competition 2016:

Judgement Criteria:

  • Sustainability

Does this idea incorporate key concepts of sustainability and circular economy? Would it help solve the environmental issue(s) described in the case? 

How well does the idea incorporate key concepts of sustainability? 

  • Innovativeness

Is this idea new, radical, and does it confront the roots of the problem? 

Does it propose a new way to view, approach, or solve the problem? 

Is there an interesting new product, service, perception, or management method suggested?

  • Incorporation of Multiple Disciplines

Does the idea examine the issue through more than one scope or perspective? 

Did the team or individual analyse the issue holistically and provide a versatile, clear, pragmatic solution? 

Does the idea solve the main case issue and provide other social, economic, or benefits?

  • Feasibility

Does the idea have any large barriers or unaddressed economic issues? 

Could the idea be feasible for the company as well as consumers? 

  • Scalability & Flexibility

Could the idea be transferred to other cases? 

Is the idea adaptable to changes over time, in markets, across demographics, and in different geographic or economic settings? 

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