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China, UK, and US at centre of global ”land grabbing” trade

Nearly two out of three countries in the world now participate in a new kind of “virtual land trade”, where not only the goods produced but land ownership itself is traded internationally, according to a study from Lund University in Sweden. All artwork and photography by Emma Johansson, PhD student at Lund University and co-author of the study.


Sense and Sensibilities of Coherence: Multiple dimensions of human resilience

Dr Astier M. Almedom, Guest Professor at Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) talks about Sense and Sensibilities of Coherence (SSOC) - a multifaceted tool for capturing the human capacity to survive, and even thrive against the odds in the 21st Century.


Professor Markku Rummukainen from Lund University on the IPCC WGI AR5 report



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