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Transforming Work/Life

Sustainability Week 8–13 April 2019
To achieve the global goals, major changes are required at community level, group level and individual level. How will these changes affect people's everyday lives? How can we transform our world without stressing people and overuse nature? We look more closely at what difference each of us can make - in our everyday lives, in our work, in our studies and in our spare time.

Transforming Work/Life

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bee wax

Beewax-wrap Workshop

April 12 14-16.30, Magle Konserthus

Does the sight of plastic food wraps make you sad? There is an alternative! The Swallows India Bangladesh and Bee for Change invite you to a workshop to teach you to make your own sustainable beeswax wraps. We will provide the material needed, beewax and a cotton cloth. The event will feature presentations about the importance of bees to our ecosystems around world. Read more


What is lost? A discussion on emotions, behavioral change and the societal dialogue in a time of climate change. 

April 8 18-19.30, Edens Hörsal

There is a growing awareness that, to mitigate climate change, we have to give up something near and dear to us, like our annual trip to Thailand. How can we collectively handle the loss associated with climate change, grieve and move forward, to focus on the bright future associated with a decarbonized lifestyle? Welcome to a seminar exploring emotions, loss, and behavioral change in a time of political and ethical debate on responses to climate change. 


A practical guide to divestment

April 11 16-18, Magle Konsertsal

Last Sustainability Week, we discussed if we should divest – this year we’ve invited two experts to show you how to divest your own funds. Isabelle Tibbelin, Sustainability Strategist at SEB and member of PUSH Sweden, and Olov Källgarn, Fossil Free Sweden, will guide you through the process and explain why divestment is important. Bring a laptop – you will need it to make the most out of the event.


Climate Negotiations Roleplay

April 9 16.30, LUSEM, EC:1:131

Countries all over the world have committed themselves to reduce their carbon emissions in order to reach the goal of the Paris climate agreement of a maximum of 2°Celsius global warming. However, reaching this goal may be more challenging in practice, as there are large differences between countries. From their contributions to overall global warming, to their resources to protect themselves against the severe consequences of climate change, and their general capabilities to reduce territorial emissions. This creates a lot of tensions between the different parties, since only few are willing to put action against climate change on top of their agenda.

Extinction Rebellion – radical approaches to the climate crisis

April 8, 18-19, Världen, Geocentrum I

Extinction Rebellion is a global movement, working with civil disobedience as a strategy, that aims to promote a fundamental change of our political and economic system to one which maximizes well-being and minimizes harm. In the event, we will introduce you to the movement, talk about the latest climate science, where out planet is currently heading, the social science behind it and offer ways of dealing with the problem through the study of social movements. Read more

Constructive climate conversations – Practical skills training

April 9, 15-17,  Folkuniversitetet, Skomakaregatan 8

During a workshop on climate conversations and eco-civil courage we will undertake and practice various dialogue techniques and interventions focusing on creating constructive climate conversations and handling climate denial, apathy, greenwashing, splaining or pessimism and transforming it to constructive action and activation. Read more

Masculinities and Climate Change  Potluck Dinner

9 april, 18-21, Folkuniversitetet, Skomakaregatan 8

Come to a potluck dinner. Listen to Paul M. Pulé, co-author of "Ecological Masculinities" and share your personal thoughts about Masculinity and Climate Change. Read more

Repair Café with Fixa Till at Stenkrossen: electronics

April 11, 18-20, Stenkrossen

Is your coffee maker, TV or other device not working? Welcome to Repair Café with Fixa Till at Stenkrossen! In cooperation with Repair Café Malmö we will meet and repair our broken electronics gadgets together. Tools are available and everyone is welcome regardless of the level of knowledge. You can also come to learn more about the critical materials in electronics, why repair is important and some tips for repair! Participation is free and no registration required! Read more

Can fashion be sustainable?

April 13, 12-13, Stenkrossen, Sustainability festival

Carys Egan-Wyer is a researcher in consumer culture at LUSEM who also runs the Buy Less, Be More blog and instagram account. In an interactive lecture, she will talk about her personal experiences from a year of non-consumption as well as providing some practical suggestions for how to make the most of your wardrobe while consuming sustainably. Read more

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