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Transforming Stories

Sustainability Week 8–13 April 2019
Humans are inclined to follow the narrative they find most compelling; they crave recognizable characters, motives, causes and effects. However, contemporary issues often have no clear villain or hero, no motive or dramaturgy, and an uncertain relationship between cause and effect. Climate change denial have reached the highest level of political office and a new wave of authoritarian regimes are increasingly opposing the idea of sustainable development.

How can we tell a compelling, yet scientifically sound, story of a brighter future and the path that will lead us there? In this theme, we want to highlight great efforts in sustainability science communication and explore how art, games and literature can be used to tell the compelling story needed to transform our world.

Transforming Stories

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carbon ruins

Carbon Ruins

April 8 16-20, Eden

It is 2053. The Swedish government has just opened its landmark museum FOSSIL with its first exhibition Carbon Ruins. The exhibition and its grand opening is a celebration of the fact that global net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide were reached in 2050. Sweden, in line with its 2017 targets, reached net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases already in 2045, being the first country in the world to step out of the fossil age, which globally lasted between 1849 and 2049. Seven years after the target was reached, the efforts to do so seems to belong to some distant past. The museum aims to create a collective memory of life in the fossil age and to foster the ongoing discussion on how to live sustainably on Earth. Carbon Ruins displays that which we left behind in the fossil age, the objects which we no longer use. 

An opening will be hosted on the 8th of April but the exhibition can be viewed for all of Sustainability Week. This is an initiative from LU FuturaNarrating Climate Futures and Climaginaries.


Climate Change - From Anxiety to Action

April 9 17-19, LUX Aula

Are you worried about climate change? Are you fearful about the future? Do you feel hopeless or scared about what’s going on - and what IS really going on? What can we as individuals do? Are my efforts enough when the world is so large? Why does no-one seem to care? Hälsa och Hållbarhets-Projektet (HOHP) and Psykisk Ohälsa-Projektet (POP) of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA) Sweden are proud to contribute to Hållbarhetsveckan i Lund by presenting a panel discussion on the phenomenon of eco-anxiety; a conversation about climate change, research on the topic, and insight into the growing anxiety surrounding the future of our planet that especially the younger generations are experiencing. Read more.

jakob trollbäck

Can great design transform our world?

April 9 13-14.30, Palaestra et Odeum

As the Agenda2030 was being drafted, Jakob Trollbäck was given a mission: How do we make these ideas famous, recognizable and understandable across the world? Together with his team, he came up with the iconic 17 logos we now have burnt into our collective consciousness. Hear his thrilling story, and what it can teach us about communicating abstract and un-graspable ideas such as sustainability and climate change. Read more and sign up.

 Imagining our future: A mindful journey to a sustainable world

Imagining our future: A mindful journey to a sustainable world

10 april, 17-19, Carson Room, Josephson 3rd. Floor (LUCSUS), Biskopgatan 5

Together, we will explore how we want our sustainable world to look like, and what we can do, both as individuals and as a collective, to make our dreams become reality. A guided meditation will be followed by creative, interactive exercises to make us feel empowered, connected and energised to take on the challenges we are facing. Read more

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