Lina Van Dooren

Malmö Academy of Music

About me

I am a PhD student of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School at the faculty of Fine & Performing Arts. I hold a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Music Education from LUCA School of Arts in Leuven (Belgium) and completed the Advanced Studies in Music Education at the same university. In combination with my studies, I worked partly as an assistant-researcher and as a music teacher in a secondary school. I moved to Sweden in 2013 and pursued my teaching career in international schools for 6 years. Additionally, I have been actively involved in the European Association for Music in Schools since 2013 as a board member and conference secretary. 

About my research project

Swedish schools are characterized by a culturally diverse student body. Migration forms both a challenge and an opportunity for the music teachers who are encountering these students in their classrooms. Meeting each individual student in their uniqueness and creating opportunities for them to participate in society lies at the core of the schools’ mission. This PhD thesis will therefore investigate possible connections between the students’ learning in the music lessons and their societal engagement. In doing so, the research aims to bridge the gaps between theory and practice in the field of music education. The PhD is part of Lund University’s Agenda 2030 Graduate School and seeks to contribute to the development of social sustainability in Sweden.