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Carlo Nicoli Aldini

Department of Sociology of Law

About me

I am Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Sociology of Law. I initially obtained a law degree from the University of Bologna in 2014 and worked in the legal practice for a few years. I then decided to expand my knowledge on law and legality by looking at them from a multi- and interdisciplinary perspective, and thus I first graduated with a Master of Laws degree from Cornell Law School (2019), and then with a Master of Science degree in Sociology of Law at Lund University (2021).

About my research project

With my research project I investigate the role of law as an instrument of social resilience for communities that have faced serious environmental disasters.

By conceptualizing law as a cultural practice, I explore how individuals and social groups use legal resources for the purpose of absorbing the negative consequences deriving from environmental tragedies, and eventually readjusting their socio-economic conditions. Inspired by socio-legal methodologies, my research decentralizes law from the state to society, and eventually aims to improve our knowledge surrounding the relationship between law, culture, and society as a whole.