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The PhD students

All faculties of the university have enrolled 30 PhD students with the Agenda 2030 Graduate School. They all relate their specific research topics to the issues defined by the Sustainable Development Goals.

The PhD students benefit from cross-disciplinary events and meetings within the group, as well as with internal and external stakeholders, intended to develop the interdisciplinary and sustainability thinking and research among the PhD students and at the university as a whole.

About the PhD students and their research

Alexander's research focus is on judgement and decision making and particularly how emotions affect decision situations.

More about Alexander and his research.

Alezini's research focuses on the question of how international soft law interplays with European protection standards in the field of migration.

More about Alezini and her research.

In her research project Alva studies daily life in a 'sustainable urban development' project oriented towards economic growth, from queer feminist perspectives.

More about Alva and her research.

Angelica's research project focuses on translational cancer research and specifically on cutaneous T-cell lymphoma which is a cancer of the lymphatic system primarily located in the skin. In the research project the researchers will aim to increase the understanding of the disease for better diagnosis, prognosis and to find new therapeutic targets. 

More about Angelica and her research.

Anna's PhD project focuses on perspectives of health, climate and inequalities in health, based on data from epidemiological studies.

More about Anna and her research.

Within his research project, Carlo investigates the role of law as an instrument of social resilience for communities that have faced serious environmental disasters.

More about Carlo and his research.

In her research project, Christie explores how climate change impacts local communities and its implications for peace. She seeks to address how peace can be climate sensitive, examining questions of climate resiliency and structural inequalities.

More about Christie and her research. 

Emelie's dissertation is about understanding the norms imbedded in the 2030 Agenda and the role they play when the Agenda is implemented at a local level.

More about Emelie and her research.

The research project of Georgios is about mediating the needs of people and nature in after dark environments. The researchers will investigate how outdoor lighting gives pedestrians accessibility to urban green areas, by also complying at the needs of other species.

More about Georgios and his research.

Ida's research focuses on how to manage drinking water resources in a sustainable way accounting for the needs of the present and the future. The project will primarily focus on Sweden and how water resource management is conducted through water protection areas.

More about Ida and her research.

Ilili's research focuses on why HIV transmission persist in the era of antiretroviral therapy rollout in Ethiopia.

More about Ilili and her research.

The artistic research project of Iury: “On Ancestrality and Regeneration: Performing Decolonial Journeys” aims to investigate ways of using performance art as a regenerative and socio-political tool to provoke change in the understanding of the lives of immigrants.

More about Iury and their research.

Jakob's research project is about decentralised off-grid electrification solutions, with focus on the energy relevant region of sub-Saharan Africa. 

More about Jakob and his research.

Jesica's research project focuses on the study of conflicts and synergies between societal demands of the increased agricultural expansion of cattle production in the northwest of the Amazon region of Colombia, together with GIS tools to enforce policy schemes that ensure pathways to reduce the deforestation and loss of biodiversity in this part of the Amazon region.

More about Jesica and her research.

Juan's research will involve analyzing both the discursive and material elements associated to the concept of defending the territory, and its relationship to peace, development, conservation, and social resilience. 

More about Juan ans his research.

In his project, Juan Manuel investigates presence, origin and impact of impurities in iron-based alloys, with the scope of enhancing the recyclability of these materials.

More about Juan Manuel Bello and his research.

Juan's research is mainly focused on new monetary models, social innovation and academic entrepreneurship. 

More about Juan and his research.

Juanita's research focuses on elucidating the chemical and structural complexities of spider/silkworm silks in order to develop a technology that controls silk protein’s fibrinogenesis, storage and stability.

More about Juanita Francis and her research.

In her research project, Lina investigates possible connections between the students’ learning in the music lessons and their societal engagement. In doing so, the research aims to bridge the gaps between theory and practice in the field of music education.

More about Lina and her research.

Linn's research project explores environmental impact from Swedish health care, with a special focus on intensive and perioperative care units. Through life cycle assessments, she seeks to compare single-use and reusable equipment, different interventions and to explore the overall environmental footprint from intensive care units.

More about Linn and her research.

Linn's PhD studies focus on the experiences of structural economic transformation and the transition from labour-intensive to more service-led types of growth and sustainable development, with a particular focus on the case of Mauritius.

More about Linn and her research.

Mahesh’s research focuses on the application of sustainable development by domestic courts in environmental litigations and the role played by access to justice in shaping its outcomes.

More about Mahesh and his research.

Maria's research project is about new systems and technologies for water and wastewater treatment, and how they can be chosen and implemented in a Swedish context. 

More about Maria and her research. 

The research project of Markus is focused on initiation ceremonies in rural southern Malawi that are deemed ‘harmful cultural practices’. By applying perspectives and methods from history of religions and an anthropology of religion, the research focuses on mapping the ontological frameworks of sexual cleansing practices and its socio-religious function in a post-colonial setting.

More about Markus and his research.

Naja's PhD research focuses on vegan activism in Denmark and Sweden. She's especially interested in how vegan organizations challenge dominant understandings of nature, including the ways in which relations between humans and other species are organized and institutionalized in society. 

More about Naja and her research.

Phil's research focuses on micromobility. In particular, he will evaluate the environmental motivation of micromobility users or those who use shared e-bikes and e-scooters on an as-needed basis. 

More about Phil and his research.

Within her research project, Steinunn will explore sustainable methods of creating transformative encounters with an audience through participatory and site-specific artworks, with a particular focus on how minimal and sustainable the framework for the encounter can be.

More about Steinunn and her research.

Tanya's studies are focused on sexual violence in migrant populations, with a particular focus on migrant youth in Sweden.

More about Tanya and her research.

In his research project Billy explores the nexus between pastoralist communities and development agencies in Northern Kenya. 

More about Billy and his research.

Finished PhD students

The objective of Soo-hyun's research project is to understand a state's right to regulate in international economic law, specifically international investment law, through the use of policy measures meant to advance sustainable development.

Soo-hyun Lee defended his thesis April 2023.

More about Soo-hyun and his research.

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