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News 2021




  • Sustainable diets reduce risk of cancer

(24 November 2021)
PhD student of Medicine, Anna Stubbendorff, co-authored article which shows valuable health benefits with reduced risk of premature death caused by cardiovascular disease and cancer, if we follow more sustainable diets.
Full article in The American journal of clinical nutrition -
Article (in Swedish) on
Article (in Swedish) in Expressen -
Article (in Swedish) in Landets fria tidning -
Article (in Swedish) on Lund University's webpage -
About Anna Stubbendorff and her research

  • The power of maps in shaping visions about the Arctic

(22 November 2021)
Helena Gonzales Lindberg, research administrator of the graduate school, had an article published in the Arctic Yearbook 2021. The article "seeks to understand the power of maps in the context of the Arctic region, where maps can be seen as central to constructing imaginaries and indirect experiences of the Arctic".
Full article in the Arctic Yearbook 2021 -

  • PhD student observer at climate conference COP26

(2 November 2021)
Our PhD student Billy Jones joins the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow as an observer and comments on the agreements and the issue of inclusion and representation.
News article (in Swedish) in magazine Syre -
News article on Lund University's newspage -


  • New book on climate adaptation, resilience and systems change

(14 October 2021)
Where is the world really heading, and what can we do about it? Our PhD student Juan Ocampo co-authored chapter in new book titled "Climate Adaptation: Accounts of Resilience, Self-Sufficiency and Systems Change". In the chapter the authors challenge the conception of “money as a thing” and, building on Elinor Ostrom’s ideas, they explain why understanding “money as a commons” will bring us to more inclusive and resilient economic futures.
About the book and how to order it -

  • The 2030 Agenda: Research for a better world

(7 October 2021)
The graduate school and three of the PhD students, Anna Stubbendorff, Alezini Loxa and Jesica Murcia ­López are featured in the Lund University Magazine about their research projects on sustainable nutrition and food consumption, migration and deforestation issues.
Articles in Lund University Magazine -


  • Study shows positive view of the environmental benefits of shared micromobility 

(22 September 2021)
PhD student Phil Flores co-authored article on green perceptions on the use of shared e-bikes and e-scooters and was interviewed by K2 - Sweden's national center for research and education on public transport, to which he is co-affiliated.
Article by K2 -


  • New PhD student and postdoc positions for sustainable development

(30 August 2021)
Lund University invests further in an interdisciplinary research programme focusing on the 2030 Agenda and sustainable development. The investment enables the announcement of new PhD student positions in the Agenda 2030 Graduate School and postdoc positions in interdisciplinary projects associated with the 2030 Agenda.
All PhD student and postdoc positions within the research programme -


  • New book on The Politics of the Sustainable Development Goals

(29 June 2021)
Kristina Jönsson, coordinator of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School, co-authored a new book focused on the political aspects of legitimacy, responsibility and accountability in relation to sustainable development goal-setting, together with Magdalena Bexell.
Read the book via the webpage of Taylor & Francis Group -


  • New article on consumer innovativeness and green perceptions related to shared e-bikes and e-scooters

(30 May 2021)
PhD student Phil Flores has published a new article, co-authored with Johan Jansson, where they identify how users and nonusers of shared micromobility perceive the greenness of shared e-bikes and e-scooters, and how consumer innovativeness affects shared microvehicle adoption.

The results show that users of e-bikes and e-scooters consider themselves innovative and perceive the shared microvehicles as relatively green, while nonusers do not. 
Full article on webpage of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour -


  • Lund University invests further in international sustainability research and the Agenda 2030 Graduate School

(4 March 2021)
Lund University is investing SEK 100 million in an interdisciplinary research programme focusing on Agenda 2030 and sustainable development. The programme is to attract international research expertise and to bring about the establishment of more internationally leading research environments in sustainability. 

One part of the initiative consists of eight new PhD student positions in the Agenda 2030 Graduate School, which will shortly be announced.

News article on Lund University webpage -
News article in University World News -
News article in Sydsvenskan (in Swedish) -
News article in Lund University's Magazine (LUM) -
Blog post by Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström on new investment (in Swedish) -


  • Soo-hyun wins essay competition with article on sustainable investment

(12 February 2021)
PhD student of Law, Soo-hyun Lee, wins essay competition held by the UNCTAD YSI Summer School on Globalization and Development Strategies with a piece on the topic "Responsibility shifting in investment and sustainability".
Article on community blog of Young Scholars Initiative -
About Soo-hyun Lee and his research.

  • PhD students interviewed on climate wishes for 2021

(12 February, 2021)
Jesica Murcia López and Juan Ocampo are interviewed on the changes they want to see for 2021 and a sustainable development in society, together with other climate researchers at Lund University.
Article in Swedish in Kristianstadsbladet -
About Jesica Murcia López and her research. 
About Juan Ocampo and his research.


  • New article on climate resilient peace through degrowth

(25 January, 2021) 
"Climate resilient peace must address people's different experiences of climate and structures of power driving climate change." PhD student of Political Science, Christie Nicoson, shares new article on how to develop climate resilient peace through degrowth.

Full article on webpage of Springer -
More about Christie Nicoson and her research project.