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  • Soo-hyun wins essay competition with article on sustainable investment

(12 February 2021)
PhD student of Law, Soo-hyun Lee, wins essay competition held by the UNCTAD YSI Summer School on Globalization and Development Strategies with a piece on the topic "Responsibility shifting in investment and sustainability".
Article on community blog of Young Scholars Initiative -
About Soo-hyun Lee and his research.

  • PhD students interviewed on climate wishes for 2021

(12 February, 2021)
Jesica Murcia López and Juan Ocampo are interviewed on the changes they want to see for 2021 and a sustainable development in society, together with other climate researchers at Lund University.
Article in Swedish in Kristianstadsbladet -
About Jesica Murcia López and her research. 
About Juan Ocampo and his research.


  • New article on climate resilient peace through degrowth

(25 January, 2021) 
"Climate resilient peace must address people's different experiences of climate and structures of power driving climate change." PhD student of Political Science, Christie Nicoson, shares new article on how to develop climate resilient peace through degrowth.

Full article on webpage of Springer -
More about Christie Nicoson and her research project.