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Agenda 2030 PhD courses

The Agenda 2030 Graduate School provides interdisciplinary PhD courses based on the societal challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The courses are open to all PhD students at Lund University and free of charge. Admission priority will be given to the PhD students within the Agenda 2030 graduate school. There is a possibility for PhD students from other universities and master students to participate in courses - please contact the course coordinator of the specific course for further information. Below you find information about currently offered courses, course registration and course coordinators.

    PhD courses, Spring 2023

    Representing sustainability

    24 April - 26 May 2023, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

    This doctoral course will examine how narratives around the global goals are created, can be understood and also how it relates to the doctoral student's own research. The doctoral students will gain a theoretical and practical foundation in discourse analysis and metaphor analysis in order to critically review the language, images and narratives surrounding the goals, as well as an introduction to artistic methods to provide practical tools for creating a perspectivized and embodied narrative. The course will include seminars where metaphor analysis and the relationship between text and discourse are presented and discussed. The course also includes a workshop where practical artistic methods on storytelling, dramaturgy and presentation will be investigated. The course is examined through an oral presentation, departing from the doctoral student's research and the different methods presented in the course and as well as through a written assignment.

    • Course syllabus (PDF, 174 kB, new tab)
    • Course schedule (PDF, 250 kb, new tab)
    • Course registration: Send Henrik Rahm an e-mail.
    • Deadline for registration: 3 April 2023.
    • Contact person: Henrik Rahm
    • henrik [dot] rahm [at] nordlund [dot] lu [dot] se

    PhD courses, Autumn 2023

    Health and the environment with special focus on climate and sustainability

    28 August - 26 September 2023, Faculty of Medicine (digital)

    This interdisciplinary course aims to deliver knowledge and enhance understanding within the field of environmental epidemiology, with a focus on environmental health and relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The course contains introduction to environmental medicine, climatology, climate modelling and climate change as well as in depth focus on themes concerning different health aspects, environment and climate, including heat and cold, air, water, built environment and lifestyles.

    Existential sustainability: Expanding the discourse on sustainability

    18 September 2023 - 18 January 2024, Faculties of Humanities and Theology

    What is existential sustainability and how can existential perspectives become part of contemporary sustainability work? In the process of implementing the green transition, new perspectives have emerged, relating to the existential and religious dimensions of human life. In this course, existential and religious studies perspectives on sustainability will be studied in relation to perspectives on the built environment, as a way of expanding the conceptual framework of Agenda 2030. Special attention is paid to the human being as a narrative being, which will be examined through three theoretical complexes, namely place, deep time, and identity. Departing from an excursion to Råängen at Brunnshög, the students will study how existential meaning and identity are created through storytelling in relation to place and time

    • Course information and schedule (PDF, 109 kB, new tab)
    • Course registration and deadline to be announced.
    • Course coordinator: Lovisa Nyman
    • lovisa [dot] nyman [at] ctr [dot] lu [dot] se


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    Research administrator
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