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William (Billy) Jones

Division of Ethnology

About me

I am a PhD student in Ethnology which means I basically study culture. Originally from the UK, I moved to Sweden in 2016 to do a masters in Lund (and get away from Brexit). Before that, I worked in grassroots development in rural Kenya and gained an acute awareness of the importance of understanding cultural nuances when implementing development initiatives. This led me to pursue a career in exploring the role of culture in sustainable development.

About my research project

My research explores the culture of pastoralists in northern Kenya and how well the international development community understands these cultures. It aims to highlight the key cultural themes in pastoralist’s lives that shape the effectiveness of initiatives with a view to communicating these cultural nuances to the development industry. In turn, development agencies can better adapt their agendas to suit pastoral culture, thus making them more sustainable. My research interests include land ownership, inter-tribal conflict, indigenous knowledge and gender roles in pastoral practices.

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