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The PhD students

All faculties of the university have financed 17 PhD students who will be enrolled with the Agenda 2030 Graduate School. The PhD students have widespread and international academic and professional experiences from their respective field. They will all relate their specific research topic to the issues defined by the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, they will benefit from continuous, cross-disciplinary events and meetings within the group and with internal and external stakeholders intended to develop the interdisciplinary and sustainability thinking and research among the PhD students and at the university as a whole.

PhD students Agenda 2030 Graduate School
Some of the PhD students of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School. Photo: Stina Johannesson

Read more about the PhD students and their research by clicking on the names below. All 17 PhD students will have arrived by spring 2020.

  • Alexander Tagesson (will arrive in spring 2020)
    Division of Cognitive Science

  • Alezini Loxa
    Faculty of Law

  • Alva Zalar (will arrive in spring 2020)
    Department of Architecture and the Built Environment

  • Anna Stubbendorff
    Department of Clinical Sciences

  • Christie Nicoson
    Department of Political Science

  • Emelie Lantz
    Division of Human Rights Studies

  • Jesica Andrea Murcia López (will arrive in spring 2020)
    Centre for Environmental and Climate Research

  • Juan Ocampo
    Department of Business Administration

  • Lina van Dooren (will arrive in spring 2020)
    Malmö Academy of Music

  • Linn Ternsjö (will arrive in spring 2020)
    Department of Economic History

  • Maria Takman
    Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Naja Yndal-Olsen
    Department of Sociology

  • Phil Justice Flores
    Department of Business Administration

  • Soo-Hyun Lee
    Faculty of Law

  • Steinunn Hildigunnur Knúts Önnudóttir (will arrive in spring 2020)
    Malmö Theatre Academy

  • Tanya Andersson Nystedt
    Department of Clinical Sciences

  • William (Billy) Jones
    Division of Ethnology

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