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News updates

Here you find the latest news updates related to the Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School.



  • Students challenge sustainability work of businesses in reversed mentorship programme

4 June, 2020
Sustainable Future Hub at Lund University School of Economics and Management have implemented a reversed mentorship programme. In the project our PhD student Juan Ocampo and other students exchange experiences and ideas on sustainable business development with the local industry.
Article on webpage of LUSEM


  • Debate article on need for post corona commission

26 April, 2020
Our PhD student Emelie Lantz is one of the co-authors of a debate article arguing for appointing a post corona commission to make sure the investments after the pandemic have a focus on sustainability and reaching the 2030 Agenda. 
Debate article in Sydsvenskan


  • Research for Agenda 2030: Values of Our Economic System

19 March, 2020
The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University collaborated with our coordinator Kristina Jönsson and PhD student Juan Ocampo on their latest episode of the podcast series Advancing Sustainble Solutions. In the episode complementary currencies as a community-tool to incorporate social and environmental values into our economic systems is discussed. The episode also highlights the need for financial inclusion to ensure all communities have access to basic needs.

Listen to the podcast episode and read Juan's related blog post on financial inclusion.


  • Seminar on Nature's Legal Rights - collaborative seminar programme and art exhibition with Moderna Museet Malmö 

11 February, 2020
The collaborative seminar series arranged by the Agenda 2030 Graduate School and the museum of modern art in Malmö (Moderna Museet Malmö) was highlighted by Lund University Magazine (LUM).

See full article "Konstnärer och forskare söker ny etik för människa och natur".


  • "First graduate school programme on SDGs hugely popular"

25 January, 2020
"Lund University may hence have created a golden opportunity to attract some of the most remarkable talents of the younger generation now mobilising for cross-scientific research on the SDGs." Global higher education news network University World News highlights the interest for the first year of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School.

See full article "First graduate school programme on SDGs hugely popular".

  • Vice-chancellor highlights graduate school on his blog

20 January, 2020
The vice-chancellor of Lund University highlights the importance of the university's investment in the new graduate school focused on the 2030 Agenda and how this can contribute to a more sustainable university and society. 

See the vice-chancellor's blogpost about the Agenda 2030 Graduate School (in Swedish)



  • Seminar programme and art exhibition at Moderna Museet Malmö is highlighted

The seminar programme and art exhibition Sensing Nature from Within arranged at Moderna Museet Malmö has gained much attention in e.g. Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Sydsvenskan, Skånska Dagbladet, Smålandsposten and LUM (Lund University Magazine).


  • Press release on upcoming seminar programme at Moderna Museet Malmö

20 November, 2019
The Agenda 2030 Graduate School is collaborating with the museum of modern art in Malmö (Moderna Museet Malmö) in arranging a seminar programme focused on the human relationship with nature. The project consists of an international art exhibition combined with an interdisciplinary programme of lectures, talks and performances. Several sustainability researchers from Lund University participate in the seminar programme.

See press relase Forskarskolan Agenda 2030 och Moderna Museet möts i nytänkande samtal om naturen.

  • Visions for a sustainable Lund University developed during Lund University Future Week

11 November, 2019
Lund University Magazine (LUM) reports from the collaborative event between Lund University Sustainability Forum and the Agenda 2030 Graduate School where students, faculty representatives, the PhD students of the Agenda 2030 Graduate School and the university management had visionary discussions on how to create a sustainable Lund University by year 2030. The article is in Swedish.

See Framtidshälsningar som manade till handling.


  • Article on 0pportunities for wastewater reuse in Sweden

15 October, 2019
Our PhD student Maria Takman published an article in the magazine of The Swedish Association for Water, Tidskriften Vatten, on how wastewater reuse can be a resource in times of increased problems with water scarcity.
Article in Tidskriften Vatten


  • Report on how the Agenda 2030 affects different countries' research and innovation

10 June, 2019
FORMAS, a Swedish research council for sustainable development, has commissioned the consultancy company Ramboll to conduct a study on the impact of the Agenda 2030 on different countries' policies, strategies and activities in research and innovation. The Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School is highlighted as a good example on how to advance the sustainability issues within the academy. 

Read the FORMAS report on the impact of Agenda 2030 on different countries' policies, strategies and activities in research and innovation.


  • The Swedish Agenda 2030 delegation's final report

13 March, 2019
The Swedish government has appointed an Agenda 2030 delegation with the task of promoting the national initiatives related to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and has presented a final report. Magdalena Bexell from Lund University does research on the politics and policies of Agenda 2030 and sees major challenges in the national sustainability work.

Read the article on the Lund University news page (in Swedish).



  • Lund University invests in graduate research school about Agenda 2030

4 October, 2018
Lund University invests SEK 64 millions in a graduate research school focusing on societal challenges and Agenda 2030. The graduate research school, which will fully expanded include around 15 PhD students, is the first of its kind in Sweden. Sustainability Forum and Centre for Environmental and Climate Research have received the mission to administer the graduate research school.

Read the article on the Lund University news page.

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