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Planting trees in Africa is a dubious environmental strategy

Hilly diverse landscape Carbon offsetting can be strongly questioned as an environmental strategy, due to major challenges in reconciling climate benefits with local needs, participation and development. This is the view taken by researchers from Lund University in Sweden, who studied a tree-planting project in Uganda, through which a number of Swedish companies carbon offset their activities.

Gaming for better decisions under uncertanty

Ullrika Sahlin awarded from Climate-KIC Ullrika Sahlin, risk specialist at CEC (Centre for Environmental and Climate Research), was awarded 15 000 Euros for her project "gaming for better decisions under uncertanty" at the Climate-KIC Ideation Day II. Ullrikas project aims at developing a fun and educational game for decision makers where they can develop skills in making decisions on climate related issues with consideration of risk and uncertainty.

New LUCSUS’ Blog Initiative to Forward Discussion on Sustainability

social media LUCSUS is launching a new blog initiative to highlight various aspects of sustainability research and teaching. Over the course of 12 months, individual researchers will write on themes such as research methods, field work, pedagogy, impact and outreach, research papers and conferences.

The four lifestyle choices that most reduce your carbon footprint

Infographic: Catrin Jakobsson A new study has identified the four actions that would have the greatest impact on an individual’s greenhouse gas emissions: eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living car free, and having fewer children.

A ‘climate war’ in Syria?

Lina Eklund In an article in "The Conversation", researchers Lina Eklund and Darcy Thompson from Lund University write about their research on links between drought, migration and conflict.

Watch live stream from the Digital Society symposium 24-25 April

The Digital Society This two-day symposium highlights and discusses different aspects of digitalisation.

Science Week in Lund 24 to 30 April - the Digital Society

Digital week Digitalisation permeates our entire society. Where are we going and what challenges and opportunities await?

We are looking for student workers for the Sustainability Week!

functionaries There has been a large interest in being a funcionary during the Sustainability Week, and at the moment we are no longer in need of anymore students for these positions./Sustainability Forum

Climate researcher Kevin Anderson visits Lund April 10 and 11

Kevin Anderson, professor of energy and climate change in the School of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. Professor Kevin Anderson is one of the leading experts in the world on climate change and has written a number of articles on the urgency for action. On April 10 & 11 he is visiting Lund.

Steps forward in the research for iron-based solar cells

Modern alchemy creates luminescent iron molecules A group of researchers at Lund University in Sweden have made the first iron-based molecule capable of emitting light. This could contribute to the development of affordable and environmentally friendly materials for e.g. solar cells, light sources and displays.

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